Able Liquid Waste
Oily water (J120) & Contaminated Wastewater

Oily water (J120) & Contaminated Wastewater

Able Liquid Waste is completely Sydney Water & EPA licensed to transport Dangerous Goods and non-dangerous contaminated wastewaters. All oily water & contaminated wastewater that is removed and transported by us is tracked by the EPA.

Sydney Water & EPA license numbers are as follows:

  • EPA licence Number: 6830
  • Sydney Water License Number: T41980

Our experience with contaminated wastewater and oily waters covers, but not limited, to the following:

  • J120 oily waters
  • Car wash & car wash bay pits and separator units.
  • Kwik flo systems & adjoining pits.
  • Oil Separators for (Mechanics, panel beaters, hotels, domestic, commercial & industrial complexes).
  • Contaminated ground water.
  • Contaminated drilling slurry from (mining sites, coal seam gas exploration, construction sites)
  • Muddy water.
  • Liquid sludges.
  • Liquid slurry.
  • Mineral oils.
  • Bilge water from (barges, boats, tenders, ferries, cruise ships, navy vessels, container ships)
  • Dilutution pits.
  • Contaminated & non-contaminated spills.
  • Disused diesel & fuel tanks.
  • GPTs (gross pollutant traps)
  • Stormwater pits & contaminated stormwater pits.
  • Contaminated & non-contaminated silt pits.
  • Contaminated & non-contaminated holding tanks.
  • Laundry lint pits.
  • Industrial & commercial liquid waste & wastewater containing hydrocarbons.
  • Industrial liquid waste.
  • N140 Fire debris & fire washwaters.