Able Liquid Waste
Emergency truck hire

All our vehicles & equipment is available to hire for emergency truck hire on an hourly or daily rate, these rates can be discussed over the phone. This type of service includes one of our trained staff per vehicle, the vacuum tanker, and associated running costs. All other equipment available including submersiable pumps, de mountable tanks, etc, and there pricing can be discussed over the phone with one of our helpful staff. We can be used as standby at an event or festival, standby while people do maintenance and/or repairs to various things, 24/7, around the clock emergency pumpouts when sewer mains have collapsed and have stayed onsite until repairs have been made to sewer main sometimes taking months to complete.

We have staff on-call and on standby from Friday afternoon, until Sunday night in case there is emergency work needing to be completed over any given weekend. In these instances all you need to do is just call us, 24 hours a day and we can have someone to you as soon as possible.