Grease Trap Cleaning

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Able Liquid Waste has spent years building a reputation based on safety, reliability, efficiency, loyalty and outstanding service to all our customers which has brought the business to the forefront of the waste management industry today.

We offer 24-hour emergency response services whether it involves a grease trap leak or a major spill.

Grease Traps & Pumpwells

We service and clean all trade waste, grease trap cleaning & grease arrestors within the food & beverage industry. Including, but not limited to domestic grease arrestors, commercial grease arrestors and industrial grease arrestors.

Whether it be a boat shape grease trap, flat bottom grease trap, ecotec grease trap, above ground grease traps, in ground grease traps, an old handmade grease trap, stainless steel grease trap, fibreglass grease trap, concrete grease trap, plastic grease trap, grease traps containing pull out filters which we can clean or replace, grease traps containing inbuilt filters which our staff always thoroughly clean, small grease traps or large grease traps, regular cleaning or one off jobs, our staff are properly trained to clean them all. If your grease trap has a second pit attached to it containing a pump (pumpwell) we can clean that also, our trained staff will then test it afterwards to make sure it is all working properly.

We are Sydney Water licensed to clean and maintain all trade waste & grease trap waste. Which allows us to clean and transport both wastesafe and non-wastesafe liquid waste to an authorized treatment facility.

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