Lift Shaft Cleaning

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Able Liquid Waste has spent years building a reputation based on safety, reliability, efficiency, loyalty and outstanding service to all our customers which has brought the business to the forefront of the waste management industry today.

We offer 24-hour emergency response services whether it involves a grease trap leak or a major spill.

Lift Shaft Cleaning

We work with various different lift companies with the regular and one off lift shaft cleaning of lift shafts for all building types like:

Residential towers and unit blocks
Retirement homes & retirement villages
Shopping centres and shopping malls
Office blocks
Commercial buildings
Industrial factories and industrial complexes
Schools, Tafes and universities
Government housing

Process of lift shaft cleaning

Lift technicians raise the lift and lock it safely, once locked and safe we will remove all liquid waste from bottom of shaft, remove hydraulic oil spills, completely hose out bottom, and remove any solid waste materials also. Some jobs require both baby truck and larger truck to complete job, transferring larger volumes from carpark basements to larger truck on street level.

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