Stormwater Pit Cleaning

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Able Liquid Waste has spent years building a reputation based on safety, reliability, efficiency, loyalty and outstanding service to all our customers which has brought the business to the forefront of the waste management industry today.

We offer 24-hour emergency response services whether it involves a grease trap leak or a major spill.

Stormwater Pits

All our staff have years of experience in the cleaning and preventative maintenance cleaning of storm water pits (both with submersible pumps within the pits and storm water pits without pumps), retention pits, detention tanks, and our staff can more often than not unblock a blocked drain or piece of pipe work whilst onsite, if we can’t, we can definitely recommend someone who can help you out.

Our baby truck is ideal for underground carparks, and restricted access locations that require storm water pump outs. The baby truck is the smallest of our fleet, being able to drive under 1.9 metre clearance, and holds 2000 litres. All our larger trucks can also do this work, if access is ok.

Our staff carry all the specialized tools necessary to lift all lid and hatch types. All our trucks have long and short handle gatic lid lifters, twist & pull tools etc.

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